He’s proven the existence of Jesus Christ, restored balance to Hindu magic and, inexplicably, discovered intelligent alien lifeforms. Now, he’ll conquer the most grand of all adventures: aging!

I’m speaking, of course, about Indiana Jones and his globetrotting treasure-hunting exploits. The fifth film in the franchise has long been threatened, ever since Crystal Skull hit theaters a whopping eleven years ago, but things have picked up in the last little while. Now, we’re at the point where it’s all becoming real, as the production has confirmed that they plan to start shooting the fifth, and presumably final, entry in the series starting in April 2020 in jolly ol’ London.

This news comes from a tweet by Discussing Film as a reported exclusive. There wasn’t a whole lot of other information included, other than the outlet reminding us that Steven Spielberg, directing wizard, will once again helm Harrison Ford’s foray into septuagenarian action and stating that the shoot would kick off across the pond, probably with Indy finding the Magna Carta under the Millennium Dome, or something ridiculous like that.

The original Nazi gold-filled script for the film, penned by Solo: A Star Wars Story scribe Jon Kasdan, was thrown out and allegedly, This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman, who also wrote Cars and Tangled, has given the project a restart from scratch. Casting details are still scarce unfortunately, but we imagine more updates will flow in soon.

The last time we saw Harrison wielding a whip was in 2008, during an adventure that most fans agree would best be forgotten. While Shia LaBeouf’s CGI antics cleaned up at the box office, reviews weren’t so kind. There doesn’t seem to be much of a desire to actually continue this franchise, either, as Ford has clearly aged out of the rough-and-tumble action star persona that once existed. Plus, they’re threatening to recast with Chris Pratt. Gross!

In any case, Indiana Jones 5 will be with us in 2021 and we should learn more about what Spielberg and co. have planned for us pretty soon, so stay tuned.