Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a great game that has a lot of advantages and features. Users with quite a low rank think about the fact that everything is tied to shooting and weapons. It is, partly, so, but you should never forget about grenades. It is they who can be used to implement their strategy in the match. In order to make sure of this, it is worth considering each of the grenades available in this game and how to use it properly. You can also use this website to find some more additional info.

HE Grenade

This is the most popular and understandable grenade, which is used to inflict damage to enemies. It is enough to release the check by clicking on the left mouse button and send it right under the feet of your opponent. It’s the easiest to use, but it’s not the only thing it’s famous for. You can also use HE Grenade as a small smoke. For example, this is what professional players do on the map de_dust2, playing for special forces. They throw it at the door to the effect of the explosion closed them, and the sniper rifle lost sight, at least for a while.

Flashbang Grenade

This is quite an important grenade from a strategic point of view. It can be used to temporarily blind your rivals. Where can it be useful? It is literally everywhere! Such a grenade can be used to reach a point and take the enemy by surprise at the most unexpected moment for them. In this case, Flashbang Grenade is used before going to a point. For example, you can use it before going out on the enemy, forcing him to turn back, or to go blind, making a guaranteed killing. This is a rather multifunctional grenade that can be used in a variety of scenarios. This is what makes it memorable for the community of this great game.

Smoke Grenade

This is probably the most important grenade in the game. The fact is that it can be used for a variety of purposes, and its usefulness is undeniable in matches. For example, it can be used to hide from enemies by planting a bomb. It is also used quite often before the exit. It is used to close various exits, leaving the Special Forces team at the bookmark point without any help. This is as simple as possible, but works in a failsafe manner! It is also used to run to some points and protect against snipers.


This is a rather useless grenade, which rarely helps users to win matches, but it still exists. The logic is simple: when using it, enemies start to listen to the sounds of gunshots at the place where it fell. On the one hand, it can be used to make your enemies think about going to another point. On the other hand, such a trick works only on low ranks, and not always. It is a rather controversial grenade.

Molotov/Incendiary Grenade

It is, in fact, one grenade. The only difference is that the incendiary grenade is used by terrorists, and the cocktail, on the contrary, is used by the special forces team. But the meaning and use are the same. They are used to drive the enemy out of some point on the map, or to make him stop before reaching some position. For example, using an incendiary grenade, you can make the enemies in the face of terrorists stop. In a short period of time, which was obtained in this way, the allies will have time to come to the rescue and repel the attack! This is the most expensive grenade you should always keep in mind.

In order to start using grenades properly and to destroy your rivals in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the user must, of course, constantly train. As a rule, this is done on a local server. There, you can turn on all the necessary functions and sharpen the smoke use to the full extent. Some useful options can be found here .