Gambling has evolved with the development of digital technology. Online casinos are slowly replacing real gambling establishments, in turn moving to mobile platforms. You can take a closer look at today’s trends thanks to popular casinos What else can players expect and how will gambling change in the coming years?

Opening of new casinos

There is a tendency in the world to develop a gambling business, and it is supported at the state level. Many countries are developing programs for the introduction of their territories of special gaming zones, like Las Vegas. Here they build casino-resorts with a wide range of gambling services. And this attracts tourists, who can play with the best comfort, as well as receive services at a high level.

iGaming – a new step in the development of the gaming industry

In the last year, the online gambling market has increased by 9%. And this is not the limit, as it continues to grow in more than 80 countries. According to analysts, the largest number of online players is seen in China, Britain, France, but these are only official figures. By 2020, iGaming has brought more than $60 billion in revenue to the world.

High tech will change the type of games

Familiar to players land-based machines, roulette, online slots will soon be able to become completely different. Manufacturers are already using 3D technology and virtual reality for their new developments. Therefore, the game will become even more exciting.

Introduction of Bitcoin payments

Many operators have already allowed players to pay via bitcoin. The authorities of the leading countries of the world recognize cryptocurrency as such, which can exist. Its use implies the absence of commissions and complete anonymity of payments.

Strengthening security

This concerns not only online casinos but also land-based clubs. New systems of protection of personal data are being introduced, and electronic pass systems are being installed at the entrances of popular casinos. Thus, it has become even more comfortable to play.

Changing priorities

Developers have noticed that many players tend to spend their time playing social games. And so they directed all their efforts to create just such entertainment. What will it lead to? Young people who like to communicate in social networks and spend their time on the Internet will become interested in gambling leisure.

Mobile casinos

The gambling industry does not stand still and gradually moves to mobile devices. Already now such a concept as “mobile gambling” has become widely used. Here is a forecast of how gambling on mobile devices will develop in the next 5 years.

  • The future is in gadgets. Recently, the number of active users who gamble on mobile devices has increased to 70-80%. At the same time, the revenues of gaming operators who have adapted their services for such gadgets have also increased.
  • Only trendy content is at its peak. The important factor for mobile gamers will remain the high quality of content and its convenience. Therefore, developers will have to not only use the latest technology but also adjust their games to current standards.
  • Speed is higher. Mobile gambling will be more focused on the type of gadget. But owners of online casinos will have to face such challenges as working out the speed of delivery, downloading games without a heavy load of traffic.
  • Mobile games for the young generation. An important aspect here is that the new generation of players likes thinking games and also appreciates “live” communication. Therefore, companies will mainly be able to use various messengers to promote their developments.

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