Turkish soap operas today are in great reverence around the world. They are watched by millions of people and every year the number of fans of the beautiful stories from the Turks is increasing. Turkey now sells soaps abroad on such a scale that it takes on exports 2 place in the world, after America.

Turkish series are exported to more than 140 countries and bring an income of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. And they are watched with equal interest in Europe and Asia, in the Middle and Near East. People of all different faiths, views and cultures are watching with equal interest the unusual stories that unfold on the screen. And this despite the fact that now literally every country annually creates dozens of their own TV series. So what is the secret of the Turkish soap operas such as Aşk Mantık İntikam english subtitles?

Turkish soap operas

Today in Turkey, produced dozens of TV series in different genres from action to life sagas, from the historical to the adventure tapes. All genres are in demand, and it’s hard to say which ones people like more.

Probably one of the main reasons why Turkish series are loved all over the world is that Turkey – this is a very special world. It is both Asian and European, it can be enchantingly beautiful and brutally realistic. Turkey attracts most of those who have ever been there, go back again and again. There is a kind of magic charm, which the Turkish directors are so skillfully conveyed in their series and which viewers love all over the world.

Another absolute plus is the actors. For foreign viewers, they are new faces, and also very beautiful, corresponding to both European and Eastern canons of beauty.

Among the most important reasons for the breakneck popularity of Turkish TV series is their sincerity. Actors so vividly convey their emotions that you will believe them. The hot Turkish temperament is beautifully manifested in the series, if love, then without compromise, and to the very end. If hatred, then to the betrayal and murder.

And all this in bright images, all in beautiful scenery – Turkish soap operas are like living in a parallel universe, where everything seems to be the same, but life is lived brighter, richer and more honest, courageous and open people there.

There is another reason, which is probably the main one. Turkish soap operas are very harmonious. There is respect for elders, family is the main thing, friendship is strong, men are protectors and earners, women are mothers and lovers. The shows show traditional relationships and noble deeds, something that the modern world is now losing. They are conservative in the best sense. They show that there is goodness, loyalty, and honor in the world. That is why they are so appealing to viewers who are tired of ordinary life. So you can turn on Aşk Mantık İntikam 1 episode english subtitles and personally start enjoying watching this great series. You will also find many other series on special sites.