Diamond jewelry is timeless, for it fits harmoniously with any style. The main thing is to choose the shape and the frame. The most famous and expensive is the round cut diamond. In fact, it counts about 58 variations. Small stones can be used to make paths and patterns in different colors.

The catalog of the jewelry online store https://luxurydiamonds.ca/ presents diamond jewelry in the form of flowers, butterflies, leaves, fruit, Love themes. In addition to laconic pusets with one tiny diamond, there are also evening models of rings, pendants with large drop-shaped stones, as well as earrings with a scattering of colored stones and diamond trails. You can buy the best diamond jewelry in today’s online stores.

Before purchasing diamond jewelry, remember the three important rules of diamond etiquette:

  • The beauty of a diamond is most fully revealed in white gold or platinum. Against their cool backdrop, the stone sparkles even brighter. Red and yellow metal lend the gem softness and femininity;
  • On one hand, it is customary to wear only one diamond ring (even if it is small);
  • A diamond does not like the proximity to silver and budget costume jewelry.

Physical and chemical properties

In its essence, a diamond is a treated diamond, and in terms of content, it is carbon extracted from the bowels of the earth. Carbon atoms form a crystal lattice, which gives diamond its highest hardness of 10 (on the Mohs scale). This means that the diamond cannot be scratched by anything but another diamond! But a diamond, due to its brittleness, needs to be treated with much more care. After all, it can easily be broken with a single blow.

Earlier it was thought that carbon was crystallized at a very high pressure, so the company DuPont synthesized its first technical diamond using TNT. Blue and blue diamonds are made with boron, while yellow and orange diamonds are made with nitrogen.

The magical and healing properties of diamonds

Lithotherapists believe that diamond accelerates metabolism, fights infections and parasites. It is also used as a rejuvenating agent. In the Middle Ages believed in the special mystical powers of the diamond, which can resist many diseases, from insanity to depression. In the 16th century, the diamond was worn as an amulet for love. If the diamond, put in bed, lay in the direction of the spouse, it testified to the fidelity of his beloved.